Alternative Responses To Violence

Riot police at 14th & Broadway in Downtown Oakland following rally held in response to Oscar Grant verdit

What would you do if confronted with violence on the streets of your community or in your personal life? The Storytelling & Organizing Project, or STOP, wants you to know that you have options. This Oakland-based organization is recording and sharing the stories of people who have dealt with interpersonal violence on their own terms, without relying on the police, prisons, traditional social services, and other systems of the State. Rachel Herzing and Isaac Ontiveros of STOP sat down with me to share their story.

If you want to hear more stories like the ones in this piece, check out The Storytelling & Organizing Project’s website. You’ll find great resources for using STOP stories in your own work to intervene in interpersonal violence, as well as information on how to get involved in the project.


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