Finding the real locus of freedom.

the latest issue of Mildred Pierce...Ever walk into your local independent bookstore or info-shop and have your attention grabbed by that slightly odd-looking zine cover, and then have your mind blown by its shark-tooth-sharp commentary on music, literature, art and The State Of Culture As We Know It?

Well, back in November of 2009, my very first interview to air on Full Circle explored the meanings of zines and self-creation with writer and artist John Bylander, who, with his co-editor Megan Milks, publishes the cultural criticism and art zine, Mildred Pierce. Listen in to hear why independent media production is so important for our cultures and how it can be a source of social, political, and personal transformation.

To pick up a copy of their latest issue, peruse their archives, or find out how you can get your innovative, slightly toasted cultural criticism, fiction, and art in their next issue, check out the Mildred Pierce blog. Issue 4 is due out soon, so keep your eyes peeled at your local bookstores and info shops – and if they don’t carry MP, ask ’em to!



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2 responses to “Finding the real locus of freedom.

  1. Meghan

    So, by “info-shop” do you mean your local public library?? 🙂

    • CstandsforCourage

      Well, that’s not what i meant initially, but now that you mention it, yea! Does your library carry Mildred Pierce? I think Central Pennsylvania could definitely use some MP!

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