Who’s Talking?

My goal is to get all of us talking, and just as importantly, listening. My name is Courtney Supple and I am an independent media maker with a deep love for the radio. I believe in the power of stories and conversations to change our world. What you’ll hear on We Should Talk is the voices of people who all too often are silenced or ignored by the mainstream media. If we’re going to create a world that respects and nourishes all of us, we need to start sharing our stories and broadening our perspectives. I hope the voices you hear on this blog will illuminate worlds that you may not have known about and inspire conversations that spark new connections and ideas within you and everyone you’re talking to.


2 responses to “Who’s Talking?

  1. Way to go! I like what I’ve heard so far. You’ve got some good things to say, so keep talking, er, I mean, Listening…

    • CstandsforCourage

      Thanks, Clare! I like what I’ve been hearing from you, too 🙂 If you’re ever in the Bay, you’ll have to come do a guest spot on my show!

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